Quality Attic Ladder Installation & More for Katy, TX

Situated in the Southeastern region of Texas lies the beautiful and quiet community of Katy. Located on the borders of Harris, Fort Bend, and Waller counties, the city has access to a variety of shops, entertainment, and facilities.  

Originally founded in the mid 1890s during the expansion of the Missouri–Kansas–Texas (MKT) Railroad, the initial settlement was appointed as a “railroad town”. Throughout much of Katy’s early history, the region became an important agricultural location. Due to its abundance of prairie land, Katy was well known for its growing and transportation of rice and other agricultural products. The rapid growth of commerce progressed throughout the 20th and the early 21st centuries.  

Today, Katy, TX is home to over 21,000 residents, with several medium and large-scale companies, retail shops, schools, and recreational areas spread across the 11.2 square miles of land. In addition to its growing infrastructure, the proximity to Houston provides the city with a wide range of transportation options, including the I-10, Route 222, Grand Parkway, and more.  

If you live in Katy, TX, you know it’s important to maintain your property and protect your personal belongings no matter the weather we face. At SafeLifts of Texas, our team is here to help you achieve just that. With a host of storage, ladder, and attic flooring services, we’re sure to find something to best suit your family’s needs. 

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When it comes to storage, you want to ensure your personal items and assets are protected. Packing everything into a garage loft or small attic space is not going to provide you with quick, safe, and easy access to your belongings when you need them. With help from the professionals at SafeLifts of Texas, we’ll make decluttering your home much easier. Through the installation of our certified Versa Lift™ attic and garage storage lifts, you’ll be able to store heavy equipment and seasonal gear all at the push of a button. In addition to accessibility, our garage and attic lifts take up minimal space all while minimizing the risk of injury from having to scale a ladder each time you’re ready to store something. 

On the topic of safety, we also supply the Versa Rail, which acts as a surrounding to your ladder opening. The dual grab bars allow you to climb your ladder confidently and greatly reduces the risk of falling through the ladder opening. If you have an existing ladder system that is outdated, shaky, or old, our technicians also provide brand-new attic ladder installations. Unlike traditional wooden ladders, we use heavy-duty aluminum for all our attic ladder replacement jobs. 

If you’re interested in upgrading your space with our attic flooring services or if you’d like to increase your safety during storage, we welcome you to contact us today! We’d be happy to discuss your storage and product options and provide you with a free consultation.