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Situated in the Southwest region of Collin County, TX lies the beautiful, principal city of Plano. Established in the early 1840s by American Pioneers heading westward, the small settlement was home to a general store, a gristmill, and a few other facilities to support the life of its inhabitants. With the connection and completion of the Houston and Central Texas Railway in 1872, the once small town grew exponentially with the ease of transportation, trade, and its proximity to other major cities, such as Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston.

Today, Plano, TX is home to over 285,000 residents, per the 2020 United States Census. The population continued to grow during much of the late 1970s and into the 2010s with continuous public works projects, infrastructure development, and the presence of large corporations, including Frito Lay, JCPenney, Toyota, and Pizza Hut.

If you have just moved or purchased a home in the Plano, TX community, one thing you may want to consider is the current storage space you have available to you. Instead of taking up valuable space for all your personal belongings, a new storage solution to prove useful moving forward. That is where SafeLifts of Texas comes in! With a high-quality selection of safe and effective storage solutions, attic lifts, safe ladders, and decking, we can improve your home’s storage capacity, all while minimizing your risk of injury at the same time.

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Storage in our homes plays a crucial role in keeping our property neat, tidy, and organized. Unfortunately, with time we begin to accrue more stuff than we really need. From seasonal clothing, decorations and lawn equipment to old furniture and personal items that we cannot seem to throw away, an accumulation of boxes can take up valuable space in our basements, closets, and garages.

At SafeLifts of Texas, we offer a reliable and effective solution to these problems with our professional storage solutions. With years of experience in the storage industry, our team comes equipped with the knowledge and equipment to design and develop state-of-the-art attic ladders, garage storage lifts, lighting, and flooring services to assist homeowners in the storage of heavy tools, seasonal items, and other belongings that are not used regularly. With the installation of our powerful and innovative Versa Lift™, our customers can quickly store and retrieve stored items at the push of a button. The Versa Lift also helps to mitigate the risk of injury, as you don’t have to climb a ladder or carry heavy items down from a high spot.

On top of our attic and garage storage lifts, we also install the Versa Rail, a reliable and strong dual grab bar system that surrounds an attic ladder opening to minimize the likelihood of injury due to a fall. Have a shaky, or unreliable ladder? We can also install a new, heavy-duty aluminum attic ladder to improve your safety and peace of mind while climbing into your attic or garage storage space. Looking to improve the safety and floor space of your attic as well? Our attic flooring services will give you a stable floor you can trust to walk on and store items on for many years to come.

To learn more about our variety of products and services, or if you would like to schedule a free project consultation with a member of our team, we welcome you to contact us today! We proudly serve homeowners in Plano, TX, as well as the greater Houston and DFW area.