Quality Attic Ladders and Lifts for Spring, TX

Located in the far Northern region of Harris County, Texas lies the beautiful and quiet community of Spring. Originally founded in 1838 with the introduction of a trade outpost on Spring Creek, the area started to develop with the growth of agricultural products, such as cotton, sugar cane, and other vegetables. With connection from the International and Great Northern Railroad in 1871, the once small town boomed throughout the rest of the late 19th and much of the early 20th centuries.  

Today, Spring, TX is home to over 62,000 people, per the 2020 United States Census. This number has continued to grow with the development of residential neighborhoods, commercial sectors, and downtown. 

If you have recently moved or just bought your first home in Spring, TX, the first thing you may consider is storage space for all your belongings. That is where SafeLifts of Texas comes in. With a vast selection of storage solutions, attic lifts, and safe ladders, we can help improve your home’s storage, while keeping you and your family safe at the same time.

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From lawn equipment and seasonal clothes to heavy knickknacks and personal items, you care for your belongings year-round. Unfortunately, these items can accumulate over time causing much of your closets and drawers to be taken up. At SafeLifts of Texas, we are here to help simplify this problem with quick and safe storage solutions. Our professionals utilize state-of-the-art attic ladders and lifts to help homeowners easily store heavy equipment, seasonal gear, holiday decorations, and more. With the installation of our certified Versa Lift™, you will be able to access your storage at the push of a button, all while preventing the risk of injury from climbing a ladder. 

In addition to our innovative garage storage lifts, we also supply and install the Versa Rail, a modern dual grab bar system that surrounds any attic ladder opening to reduce the likelihood of accidental falls. Have an outdated, shaky, or unreliable ladder as well? At SafeLifts of Texas, our technicians also provide new, heavy-duty aluminum attic ladders to improve your peace of mind while scaling up to your attic. To best improve your overall space and safety, we also provide attic flooring services to give you a stable floor you can walk and store items on. 

For more information about our wide range of products and services, or if you would like to schedule a free project consultation, we welcome you to contact us today!